Hypervisor maintenance on Feb 22nd

On February 22nd, starting at 10 am EST time, we will be replacing a hard drive in one of our hypervisors.  As a result, some downtime will occur. We expect the downtime window to last 30-40 mins.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

17th Feb 2020
[Completed] Dallas Network Maintenance (8PM EST - January 21, 2020)

Network engineers will be performing maintenance on the core network infrastructure in our Dallas, Texas facility on January 21, 2020, at 8 PM EST. The maintenance window is scheduled to open at 8 PM EST and close at 10 PM EST. During the maintenance window services may become unavailable for short periods of time while the network ... Leer Más »

21st Jan 2020
[In Progress] New Help Desk Deployment (12 PM EST - January 22, 2020)

Starting January 23, 2020, at 12:00 PM EST our development team will begin the initial deployment of our brand new help desk system. The software vendor for our existing help desk solution has chosen to discontinue development of their software prompting us to begin the transition to our brand new help desk. The initial feature set of our new ... Leer Más »

20th Jan 2020
March/April Billing

A software issue caused some invoices to not be generated for customers for March/April. This issue has been fixed and any invoices that were due have been processed at this time.If you manually pay invoices your invoice due dates have been extended to 05/1/17 to allow you time to pay the invoices. We do apologize for any inconvenience. If there ... Leer Más »

24th Apr 2017
Maintenance notification

Dear customers, On the evening of 11/8 and during early morning hours of 11/9, we will be performing scheduled maintenance across our infrastructure. The following will be performed:  - All virtual machines will be upgraded to a new range of cutting-edge hypervisors. Configurations specific to each virtual machine will not change, meaning that ... Leer Más »

9th Nov 2016
DDoS attack in Atlanta

Datacenter technicians are reporting a DDoS attack on the Atlanta network at this time. Monitoring is not reporting any issues however services may be impacted until technicians can contain the attack 

12th Feb 2016
[Resolved] - Issues with shared servers

UPDATE - All servers have been back online for an hour or so. Please let support know if there are any lingering issuesUPDATE - 9:48 AM US EST: server7 is now back online, our SA team is working with our cloud vendor to bring server6 back online ASAPWe are aware of the issues with shared servers at the moment. Our cloud vendor is working on it as ... Leer Más »

4th Feb 2016
[Resolved] - Dedicated Server Connectivity Issue

UPDATE: Switch has been rebooted, all connectivity has been restored at this time. Thank you for your patience.

An issue with a switch is causing connectivity issues for a select few servers in Atlanta. Remote hands has been dispatched at this time to repair the issue.

19th Jan 2016
Client Area Upgrade

To better serve our customers the client area/portal has undergone a major software update. All functions have been tested and confirmed working. If you experience issues with anything please feel free to open a live chat or give us a call.

16th Jan 2016
DDoS attack in Atlanta

UPDATE - 1/3/16 02:42 U.S. EST - Directly from zColo Operations: "zColo network engineers have resolved the connectivity issues affecting your environment. " UPDATE - 1/2/16 02:14 U.S. EST - Directly from zColo Operations: "Unfortunately, we are currently under another DDOS attack. zColo Network engineers are currently taking steps to mitigate ... Leer Más »

1st Jan 2016