DDoS attack in Atlanta

UPDATE - 1/3/16 02:42 U.S. EST - Directly from zColo Operations: "zColo network engineers have resolved the connectivity issues affecting your environment. " UPDATE - 1/2/16 02:14 U.S. EST - Directly from zColo Operations: "Unfortunately, we are currently under another DDOS attack. zColo Network engineers are currently taking steps to mitigate ... Read More »

1st Jan 2016
RESOLVED - Network Routing issues in Atlanta

Update - Issue Resolved (3:16 AM EST)Directly from the datacenter operations center: We have resolved the issue that may have caused impact to your services and believe all service levels are now restored. A detailed RFO will be available within 72 hoursUpdate (2:10 AM EST): Directly from the datacenter operations center:The estimated time of ... Read More »

4th Dec 2015
Server8 Hard Disk Upgrades - Continued

UPDATE - Server is currently performing an auto file system check and is being monitored by staff. It will be up as soon as the check finishes

Our virtualization provider will be rebooting server8 on 6-16 during early morning Eastern Daylight (U.S.) hours to add additional solid state disk storage. Outage will be less than 10 minutes

17th Jun 2015
Server8 Hard Disk Upgrades

Technicians will be moving storage based on SAS (traditional hard disk drives) to SSD (solid state) drives to improve performance starting at 2 AM EDT on 13 June.

This maintenance has had to be rescheduled tentatively to June 20th.

13th Jun 2015
Network Upgrades

Staff will be upgrading core switches and routers in the Altanta datacenter Sunday night/early Monday morning to improve network performance, stability and security. Dedicated customers and some VPS customers will experience a small window of downtime (less than 10 minutes) while the network feeds are switched over. Support will be available for ... Read More »

16th May 2015